Clear browser cache, and delete your surfing history

Clear browser cache with this new cache killer application and stop you’re browsing history from being traced. Online fraud is on the increase, and surfing the internet is becoming more dangerous each day. Malware and computer virus’s are a real threat, so having some level of protection is a requirement. Although you may have some form of anti-virus already installed, this windows application adds to that level of protection.

Stay safe and Clear browsing history by deleting your browsercache!

What if you could delete these files from your hard drive and clear browser cache at the touch of a button?


Introducing a cost effective cache killer application for windows.


If you think that you’re online surfing could be monitored and traceable, then you’re right to think this.

You may be innocently browsing the internet, or conducting a financial business transaction, you certainly don’t want anything recorded on your computer. Therefore, you should always know how to erase search history from you’re computer and clear google web cache.

What is browser cache?

Each time you browse to a website, a complete copy of the website is downloaded and stored to the cache, which sites on the hard drive. These files are then loaded in to your webbrowser and displayed as a web page. When you have finished viewing the website, the copy of the website stays in the cache until you manually delete it. The files not only contain hmtl and image files, but could also contain other types of files, such as malicious virus files.

Surfing the internet is quickly becoming a hackers paradise. Professional spammers ,fraudsters and hackers, combine their efforts to access to your computer, time to clear cache explorer!

The web is becoming a dangerous playground where computers are concerned. Amateur and professional hackers are on the increase and are ready to take control of any computer that they manage to connect to.

New types of computer virus’s are released almost everyday. Time bombs, worms and the newer ransom virus which can encypt data, and then demands a financial payment is made, before the user can use his computer again. Another reason to make sure you have a deleted browser history.

If you use microsoft’s Internet explorer, then beware. In all honesty, all browsers are open to these types of attacks, you just need to safeguard you’re self and be careful which websites you visit.

Stop the malware and clear browser cache!

Clear browsing data,  will normally remove all of the webpage files. But you need to make sure that it’s done properly as Microsoft changed the way these files are stored. Because Microsoft re-structured the browser cache, it’s now become more difficult to delete and clean these files.

Just how do you clear browser history?

Have you ever played with the option within internet explorer “delete internet files”.  This function attempts to clean the browser cache files. I say attempt, because it doesn’t do a very good job, and always seems to leave something behind. If you look into the browser cache after a delete, there always seems to be various locked files, which never go away. This is why deleting search history becomes so difficult.

With the release of Vista and onwards, Microsoft, re-structured the browser cache, which has made it more difficult for users to delete these files. Internet Explorer locks a lot of services and files making it difficult to delete the files.

When Internet Explorer is not being used, windows will lock the files, making deletion impossible. Deleting these files, if you can find them involves a fairly lengthy procedure of,

  1. Find the services that lock the files.
  2. Shut down the services.
  3. Find the and delete the files.
  4. Restart the services. 

Not only time consuming and tedious, but also difficult to erase browser history.

So we have made available a windows application that can clear browser cache quickly with a single button press!

So when we created this cache killer application, we thought, make it easy and quick.

This windows application is designed to run on all versions of Windows, including 7,8 and the newer windows 10. Its’ been written to clear browser cache easily and quickly with minimum effort.

It takes care of all of the services, searching and deletion of all browser cache files. It works in real time, so no need to close internet explorer. For peace of mind, you can trust it to wipe all surfing history for you.

This cache killer can deal with the files that are produced by the older and newer browser cache’s in windows system, so there’s no need to worry. The older temporary internet files and the newer cache files.

Java, cookies,html, mp4, mp3, video, jpg, virus and malware, everything is deleted by this cache killer.

It can also be triggered by an external file, and has a timed deletion function. All browser cache files are erased completely.

If you know that monitoring and tracking of you’re online activities could be a problem, and you use Internet Explorer, you need this cache killer for safer online surfing and deleting web history.

It’s free to try. You can download it as a demo version, and then decide if it’s for you. You can then purchase a Life-time licence.

We digitally sign all of our products, and assure you, it’s virus free.

How to clear your browser cache?

This cache killer has been written to clean completely all traces of your internet activity. The threat of scammers and hackers which try to steal online information, to use for there own advantage, makes it imperative to have a robust level of protection!


So how much is the Cache Killer software?



Guess what, priced at just $15.00 dollars, makes it one the lowest price cache killers out on the market.

 FAQ’s – Frequently Asked Questions 

  • 1 purchased licence will only work the computer from which it was purchased. It cannot be moved, or transfered to another computer. You will need to purchase a 2nd licence for another computer.
  • The license is all time and will not expire. If there’s a problem with the licence, or a technical problem, we will do our best to fix the problem, or re-issue the license.
  • We send out the licence’s through email, and will arrive withon 24hrs. Please make sure that the email is correct at time of purchase.
  • This cache killer does interupt various windows services to operate. Please make sure that it works and is compatible on your system before purchase, as we cannot be held responsible, if it’s not compatible with other 3rd party software which is installed on your computer.

So give the demo a go, clear browser cache, and see how easy it is to stay safe on the web.